Wine List

We have a wide range of wines to suit all tastes. As you’re vieiwing on a mobile you’ll need to flip to horizontal to view the wine list. Thankyou…

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175ml glass 250ml glass bottle
Macabeo-Bodegai Borsao (SPA) Fresh, lightly savoury nose of lemon and fennel. A clean, fruity finish. 12.5%  £2.95 £4.10 £5.80 £16.95
Demi Sec-Cuvee-Jean Paul (FRA) Smooth and supple medium white. Ripe, green fruit on the palate. 11.5%  £2.95 £4.10 £5.80 £16.95
Pinot Grigio- San Antonio (ITA) A clean well balanced dry white with a delicate perfume and fresh apple fruit. 12%.  £3.05 £4.20 £6.00 £17.50
Sauvignon Blanc-San Perito (CHI) Pale golden wine with a distinct tinge of gooseberry freshness.  Crisp and refreshing, great with seafood.  12.5% £2.95 £4.10 £5.80 £16.95
Chenin Blanc-Boars Kloof (SA) A crisp, dry white wine with a delicate lemon colour. Succulent tropical fruit on the palate with a long finish. 13%       £16.95
Chardonnay-Bellefontaine (FRA) Pure and bright with orange blossom.  Zesty acidity complemented with some richness and peach notes.  12.5%       £17.50
Sauvignon Blanc-Aroha Bay (NZ) This is a classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Plenty of crisp fruit with hints of grapefruit. Fresh tasting package with lots of zip. Perfectly balanced. 12%       £19.95
Petite Chablis – Domaine des Iles (FRA) A fuller style of Petit Chablis with a flinty dry and powerful body. Soft voluptuous fruit matched with mineral properties. 12%       £29.00
Garnacha-Bodegas Borsao (SPA) Brambly fruit and fresh redcurrants dominate this generous wine. 13.5%  £2.95 £4.10 £5.80 £16.95
Merlot-San Perito (CHI) Soft and pleasant, flavours of plum and raspberry. Easy red, goes well with spicy dishes, pasta and cheese.  13%  £2.95 £4.10 £5.80 £16.95
Shiraz / Cinsault-Boars Kloof (SA) A lustrous red in the glass. An array of ripe berries with well structured palate and smooth finish. Unwooded and a smooth finish. 14%       £16.95
Malbec-La Vaca Gorda (ARG) Aromas of plum and blackberries, well balanced and smooth.  Well partnered with many meat dishes and perfect with steak.  13%       £18.50
Pinotage-False Bay (SA) Deep garnet colour. There are hints of dark fruit, chocolate and eucalyptus leading to a heady mix of fruit. 13%       £18.95
Rioja Tinto-Bodegas Navajas (SP) Cherry red colour with the light hues. Initially fresh but complex and tasty on the palate, lively and satisfying aftertaste. 13.5%       £20.50
Pinot Noir-Emiliana (CH) Light ruby red with aromas of fresh strawberry.  Medium bodied palate, delicate and fresh.  14%       £20.95
Fleurie – La Reine de L’Arenite (FR) Perfumed, aromatic and with a notable floral twist.  An abundance of blackcurrant and red berry fruits.  12.5%       £25.95
Zinfandel Blush-Hawkes Peak (USA) Strawberry, plum and grapefruit aromas.  Medium in style, great with spicy food.  10%  £3.05 £4.20 £6.00 £17.50
Pinot Grigio Rose-San Antonio (ITA) Salmon pink, slightly fruity & incredibly easy to drink. Supremely elegant in its simplicity. Its a delicious experience. 12%  £3.05 £4.20 £6.00 £17.50
Côteau d’Aix en Provence-Domaine Valfont (FRA) A delicious rosé, pink in colour.  Fine, complex and engaging.  It remains round on the palate with hints of sweet red berry fruits.  13%       £23.95
Prosecco-Lunetta (ITA) A crisp, light and well balances wine with delicate apple and pear characters. 11% 200ml £8.50 Bottle £23.95
Prosecco Rosé-Lunetta (ITA) A crisp, light and well balances wine with delicate apple and pear characters. 11% 200ml £8.50 Bottle £23.95
Reserve Tattinger Renowned for its golden yellow colour, light and delicate with hints of fruit and brioche.  It is always an excellent aperitif. 12.5%     Bottle £55.00